How to Paint Tile Floors

Simple Renovations

When my husband and I first moved into our new home, one of the first renovation projects on the list was our kitchen floor. The tile was in good shape but the color clashed with the rest of our decor. My first thought was that we should rip all of the tile out and replace it with new tile. However, as we looked at our long list of projects, we realized that we didn't really have the money or the time to replace all the tile. Here is a picture of what the tile looked like when we moved in.


  • Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Porch & Floor Enamel Interior & Exterior Latex
  • Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish, 64 oz. Refill Bottle

Step 1: Prep Surface

Make sure that your floor or surface is clean. If your tile has a shiny or glossy surface, use an electric hand sander to gently buff top of the tile. The paint will stick to the title better if the surface is a little rough. Our tile had a textured/gritty surface so we didn't have the sand. Depending on the surface texture, you may also want to apply a really good bonding primer. We choose to not apply a primer and our floors have held up just fine. 

Step 2: Paint Tile

Use a paint roller to apply the paint to the tile. Like I mentioned above, we used Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Porch & Floor Enamel (Interior & Exterior Latex). However, you can probably use any porch or floor paint. Because we were using white paint, we had to apply two pretty heavy coats to the floor. Let the floor dry about four hours before walking on it. I would suggest waiting at least 1-2 days before heavy use.

Step 3: Apply Sealer

After letting the floor dry 24 hours, we applied Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish over the top of the paint. It gave the floor a little bit of a glossy look and added protection. I have also heard that you can polyurethane but I think it would make it hard to change or fix the paint color in the future. 

Overall, we absolutely love our painted tile. However, there are a few drawbacks to painted floors. First of all, make sure you pick a color that doesn't show dirt very easily. Painted floors are definitely harder to clean than regular tile. We picked white it can be hard to keep it looking clean. Secondly, we do have to be careful dragging heavy objects (i.e. the kitchen stove across the floor). It doesn't scratch easily, but it will if something really heavy gets dragged. Our painted floors were originally supposed to only be a quick fix until we could afford the time and money to retile. However, we like it so much that we think we will probably just keep it. And because it is painted, if we get tired of the color, we can easily paint it a new color!!

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